December 11, 2016

Christmas Tins

She sent her love each Christmas
baked into stars and bells,
green trees with colored sprinkles,
red Santa minus his elves.

And maybe we love fruitcake
(but not the store-bought kind)
because Grandma mixed brandied fruits
with all of us on her mind.

Call back those kinder, gentler times.
Let our better angels appear.
Remind us how to really care.
It all begins right here.

Wishing you a simple, joyful Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chuck and Penny

"Christmas Tins"
Verse ©2016 Penny Pefley | Photo ©2016 Chuck Pefley

December 12, 2015

Springerle Pine Cone

Tie your hope for peace to
   every tree and wreath.
Wrap your gift of love and gently
   place it underneath.

Welcome estranged and strangers
   to your door and to our land;
   let the gems of Christmas be
   your open heart and hands.

Resolve that discord will not win
   nor darkness steal our mirth.
Let harmony and peace prevail
upon our Planet Earth.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chuck & Penny

Springerle (German for “Little Jumper”) are cookies made from hand-carved wooden molds, dating back to 16th century Bavaria.  Making them from replicas of the antique original molds is a thrill, knowing this very image has been seen and enjoyed by generations.

"Springerle Pine Cone”
Verse and Springerle cookie © 2015 Penny Pefley
Photo © 2015 Chuck Pefley

December 17, 2014



On Thanksgiving turkey is Queen on a throne,
and a few linger longer as turkey soup bone.
But after the soup, ours begged not to leave.
Seems she had plans for Christmas Eve.

She argued her case like a free-range attorney,
how her life wasn’t over, she was still on a journey.
She knew how to fly in snow and rain, dear.
Delivering gifts was her encore career. 

So the sleigh that you see is the real deal;
this bone once wore our holiday meal.
Without fowling this verse with a corny cliché,
what’s the word from the bird who became a sleigh?

What seems like the end of the road is a turning
toward something far better for which we’ve been yearning. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chuck & Penny

Verse © 2014 Penny Pefley • Photo © 2014  Chuck Pefley
graphic background © Sharyn Sowell all rights reserved

December 9, 2013

Peace Wheel

Magical things happen in the dark
 of night, immensely important things if
   conditions are right.

My vision of sugarplums melted and
 turned into a giant red wheel.  And then
   I learned each rider had chosen a higher
     view: to live in the way peaceful people do.

The sum of their small, peacemaking
 intentions pushed the great red wheel in
   one direction, creating a hum like the music
     of heaven, and the glow of a giant red sun.

“World peace?” you ask, “You’re dreaming!”
you chide.
“Maybe,” I say, “but I’d rather ride than
stay on the ground and stand aside.”

How hard is it, really, to make peace-filled
 connections, to push that Peace Wheel in
   the right direction?
     Smile at strangers.  Thank clerks by name.
       Live each day at a pace that’s more sane.

I’m on my way up—it’s a beautiful view!
 May visions of peace find a home in you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chuck & Penny

Verse © 2013 Penny Pefley • Photo © 2013  Chuck Pefley
The Seattle Great Wheel