December 19, 2012

Geese in the Snow

A toddler pointed, drooled with glee
  at the creatures parading beneath the trees.
     His busy Mom glanced, merged geese in the snow
       with her itemized list—only twelve days to go!

A chef on his smoke break their honking had heard
  and immediately scanned for the juiciest bird.
    An old woman passed him walking gingerly, slow,
      fingering beads in her pocket, she saw prayers in the snow.

I see a spirit child in the crook of a tree,
  and arms reaching up…..What do you see?

As snow brushes soft on feathered breast,
  May your dreams all be granted and your Christmas be blest.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chuck & Penny
Verse © 2012 Penny Pefley • Photo © 1992  Chuck Pefley
(City Park - Denver, Colorado)