December 9, 2013

Peace Wheel

Magical things happen in the dark
 of night, immensely important things if
   conditions are right.

My vision of sugarplums melted and
 turned into a giant red wheel.  And then
   I learned each rider had chosen a higher
     view: to live in the way peaceful people do.

The sum of their small, peacemaking
 intentions pushed the great red wheel in
   one direction, creating a hum like the music
     of heaven, and the glow of a giant red sun.

“World peace?” you ask, “You’re dreaming!”
you chide.
“Maybe,” I say, “but I’d rather ride than
stay on the ground and stand aside.”

How hard is it, really, to make peace-filled
 connections, to push that Peace Wheel in
   the right direction?
     Smile at strangers.  Thank clerks by name.
       Live each day at a pace that’s more sane.

I’m on my way up—it’s a beautiful view!
 May visions of peace find a home in you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chuck & Penny

Verse © 2013 Penny Pefley • Photo © 2013  Chuck Pefley
The Seattle Great Wheel