December 12, 2015

Springerle Pine Cone

Tie your hope for peace to
   every tree and wreath.
Wrap your gift of love and gently
   place it underneath.

Welcome estranged and strangers
   to your door and to our land;
   let the gems of Christmas be
   your open heart and hands.

Resolve that discord will not win
   nor darkness steal our mirth.
Let harmony and peace prevail
upon our Planet Earth.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chuck & Penny

Springerle (German for “Little Jumper”) are cookies made from hand-carved wooden molds, dating back to 16th century Bavaria.  Making them from replicas of the antique original molds is a thrill, knowing this very image has been seen and enjoyed by generations.

"Springerle Pine Cone”
Verse and Springerle cookie © 2015 Penny Pefley
Photo © 2015 Chuck Pefley