December 25, 1994

Christmas Lights - Leavenworth, Washington

Too much for one day or a week, it’s a season
Of contrasts which sparkle, if not yield to reason.
Bright lights and white snow against deep winter dark,
Some elves who are busy, and angels who hark.

There are stories of Shepherds and Santas and Kings,
Ancient truths and traditions, and the newest of Things.
There are singers and parties and rides in the sleigh,
Those who must shop, and those who must pray.

The memories of Old Ones, the glee of the young,
Excitement for many, “Bah-Humbug!” from some.
Match Girl and Magi and all in between,
An experience to savor for what you can glean.

Called Christmas, December, the Season of Light … 
Merry Richness to all, and to all a Good Night.
 Photo © 1994 Chuck Pefley | Verse © 1994 Penny Pefley

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