December 23, 2010

First Class Joy

We’ve grown accustomed to not expect much ---
catalogs, bills, third-class stuff.  Until the arrival of
early December; curiously we start to remember …
anticipate … see the mail truck … hear the gate.

Outside, woodfire frosty air, find cold bounty waiting
there.  Red envelopes, a box!  Old
acquaintances who’ve not forgot.  Inside foil-lined envelopes, slit,
news and notes in familiar script.  Homemade cards, palpable affection.
First Class Joy.  Renewed connection.

“First Class Joy”
Photo © 2008 Chuck Pefley | Verse © 2010 Penny Pefley


  1. Dear Chuck,

    I don't know what to say! I had no idea. These cards are absolutely gorgeous. Every single one of them. And your messages are brilliant and to the point of the season!

    Thanks for pointing me to the link. I'm going to bookmark this site and come back to it! Where do you sell these, primarily?

  2. Perfect card and sentiment chuck.
    I had make my cards--ya know kid stuff--stamps. pens, stickers and colorful papers. Nothing to match yours. MB

  3. Can't wait to see the new design!