December 17, 2014



On Thanksgiving turkey is Queen on a throne,
and a few linger longer as turkey soup bone.
But after the soup, ours begged not to leave.
Seems she had plans for Christmas Eve.

She argued her case like a free-range attorney,
how her life wasn’t over, she was still on a journey.
She knew how to fly in snow and rain, dear.
Delivering gifts was her encore career. 

So the sleigh that you see is the real deal;
this bone once wore our holiday meal.
Without fowling this verse with a corny cliché,
what’s the word from the bird who became a sleigh?

What seems like the end of the road is a turning
toward something far better for which we’ve been yearning. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Chuck & Penny

Verse © 2014 Penny Pefley • Photo © 2014  Chuck Pefley
graphic background © Sharyn Sowell all rights reserved

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  1. Hope your Christmas 2014 was Merry and all is going well in the New Year 2015